Season 2012 / 2013

To be played 6/2/2013      
At Swan H/P At Blue Lion At White Bear At St Annes Castle
Swan Blue Lion 'A' x 2 White Bear St Annes Castle
Eagle & Hind Galleywood SC Beehive x 2 Anchor 'B' x 2
Anchor 'B' Baddow Social Anchor 'B' Wheatsheaf
Rose & Crown 'B' Globe Wheatsheaf Compasses 'A'
Wheatsheaf St Annes Castle Q Ball 'A' CSC 'B'
Compasses 'A' CSC 'A' Rose & Crown 'B' Eagle & Hind
Globe Fox & Hounds Tulip Gardeners
Fox & Hounds Endeavour 'A' Bird in Hand G/B RBL 'B' x 2
Galleywood SC Orange Tree 'B' Kings Arms  
Red Beret      
At Galleywood SC At Beehive (G/W) At Rose & Crown (Writtle) At Gardeners
Galleywood SC Beehive (G/W) Rose & Crown 'B' Gardeners x 2
Anchor 'A' CSC 'A' Chelmer Inn Tulip
Red Beret Q Ball 'A' Swan Baddow Social
G/B RBL 'B' Globe Endeavour 'A' Star 'A'
Bird in Hand Kings Arms Wheatsheaf Eagle & Hind
White Bear CSC 'B' Compasses 'B' Anchor 'A'
Swan Q Ball 'B' Anchor 'A' Compasses 'A'
Chelmer Inn Red Beret Fox & Hounds Chelmer Inn
Beehive Bird in Hand St Annes Castle CSC 'B'
Eagle & Hind Eagle & Hind Q Ball 'B'